somebody muzzle bernacke..please

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by niceneasy, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. every time this fucking twit opens his mouth i lose a sports car in my portfolio.

    and it doesnt matter what he says.... its bad for stocks. bad for commodities. bad for real estate. temporarily its been good for the dollar by a % or two but i see that as short lived.

    dude needs to take a hippocratic oath. do no harm

    ..ugh.... er.... aghhhh.... bershmacke...

    i need a breakfast beer.
  2. Hahahaha. Huge and growing deficits don't matter, the war in Iraq going badly and costing a fortune does not matter, doubling and tripling oil prices, skyrocketing health and education costs, plummeting dollar, severe inflation significantly exceeding what the government reports does not matter, the middle class squeeze, stagnant wages, outsourcing of high paying american jobs overseas does not matter.

    The stock market is falling and all that does not matter, what Bernanake says does, it is all his fault. Stupid ignoramuses, once again they thought this time it was going to be different.