Somebody Just Paid $27 Million to Have Lunch with Billionaire Warren Buffett

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    Is this someone going to educate Warren about how great cryptocurrency is?
    and crypto could go 5, 6, 7, 8 .... digits?
    Then Warren must lose his appetite.
  3. Celebrities of all varieties are vastly overrated least compared to the fame and credit they receive from the public.
    Warren Buffett ain't that special and different than having lunch with a local school teacher or librarian.

    If I won a raffle to have lunch with one of those Wall St CEO types....I would give away the ticket. I have absolutely zero desire to sit down, and eat and chatter, with a celebrity.
    Only small-minded people....have a desire to be photographed with Britney Spears or Mike Tyson or Elon Musk or Will Smith.
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  4. When people pay millions to dine with Buffett, they calculate that the diner can earn them more than they paid
  5. Don't worry. Turns out it's $27 million AUD, so that's "only" $19 million USD and they'll actually go to a steakhouse with up to seven guests so overall with Buffett it's sure to be good VALUE. :rolleyes:
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    Come on dude, you just got done paying 19 million and you're place of choice is a Dairy Queen???
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  7. Steakhouse, not DQ. Read the article.
    (Point still taken.)
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    No they are doing this for charity. The Power Lunch is to raise funds for a non-profit organization Glide with which Warren Buffet partners.
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    One of buffets investing partners at Berkshire got the job after winning the lunch twice. Obviously the winning wasn’t why he got the job, but buffet liked him.

    If you are a deep value investor whose super rich (many of them are), why wouldn’t you donate to charity (tax deductible) and get to dine with the Tom Brady of your field.
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    Buffet must be giving some real gems away for a price tag like that lol
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