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  1. I am looking for a word in the same vein as "anochronism". However, where anochronism is used to describe something that is out of place based on time period (ie. a painting of Colombus wearing reeboks) I want the word used to describe that is physically outta place (ie. a glass office building on a rural road of farms and ranches).

  2. incongruous
  3. An incongruous anatopism.
  4. Extrinsic metachronism.

    That was an easy one.

  5. sticks out like a sore thumb



  6. Tx fellas, but I was looking for a noun, ingruousness doesnt sound right and anatopism seems very obscure.

    In the example of a glass office building located on a rural road of farms, what word can be used to refer to the building in this context?
  7. motley, incompatible, disparate, mismatched, dissonant, strange, odd, discordant, divergent, clashing, inconsistent, incompatible, conflicting, unharmonious, unsuitable, anachronism
  8. "Sultry."

    Who's the trivia star of the day?
  9. TRS


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