Somebody explain competative sailing to me

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  1. Watching ESPN poker, one of the players was saying that he sailed competatively, but would never reach the America's Cup level. He continued to say "when I reached my limitations in the sport, I turned to poker"

    Limitations, WTF? Im sure Im missing something, but what makes one a more skilled sailor than another, is athleticism invloved?

    Okay, I finally understand car racing isnt about the fastest car, but sailing?
  2. Actually, it is the same.
    More cash=better cars=better drivers=podium wins=more cash=

    If they were talking about a round the harbour sprint in a small skiff, maybe.
    The volvo open races and similiar though, are MADNESS, and do involve serious sailing, and guts.
    And total insanity.

    Sounds like a glib , meaningless comment, the america's cup is a team event, not long lasting, doesnt generally even go that far offshore, not compared to your average longliner.

    Hey, maybe he had a heart condition, maybe he wasnt a great captain, maybe he didnt have the cash, but their the only real reasons you could be looking at there.
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    Obviously it also takes a lot of knowledge in navigation for example. You must also have understanding of currents in the sea, winds etc. The best sailors probably get the gut feeling when it is better to charge right through the storm, than to sail around it. You need good motivated crew that will perform well in the harshest climates. You do need some guts to climb up in the mast when the sail is stuck and the wind blows like hell and the waves are high as houses and then there is thunder and lightning..

    It's not just "up with the sails and sail to goal" :)
  4. Took a float trip down the Grand Canyon a few years ago, and another passenger on the raft was a competive sailor. His deal was steering the boat on trans- Atlantic races

    He explained it as some people just have a 'feel' for making the correct subtle helm corrections in response to the waves. Think energy conservation. His brother also helmed, but specialized in night duty, since he had really good night depth perception.