Some thoughts on August

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cartm, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. cartm


    CSCO earnings tuesday, FOMC meeting on the 13, expirations on derivatives the 16, August 2nd worst month for dow and sp, I think this could be a contrarian indicator. Thurs the PPI, Fri the Michigan survey,

    End of August negative, but we saw July so could be lots of dressing there. The 14th seems to be the date the pundits are looking at which means we should be looking elsewhere, don't think many companies will come in with revisions by then, but again this is just opinion.

    From friday we know shorts cover quickly here, so the rallies will be sharp. Anyone want to add anything here, like support resistance levels, and what they're based on, and am I missing any meetings or econ announcements that could move the mkts. Also, I would really like a link to a site with the econ releases not just for the week but for the month or quarter, this would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Also be aware that it is classic holiday month where a lot of day traders are on vacation or taking a break.

    So eminis could be jumpy at times - especially during lunch hours :)
  3. tampa


    I guess I'm just some kind of nut case, but I fail to see the point in trying to foretell the future.

    Hey, here's a novel idea, rather than waste your time playing guessing games, why not just let the market tell you what it's going to do! And then act accordingly!!!
  4. will be mondays ability and perhaps tuesday as well

    to stay above fridays lows 8200 dow + 852.50 sp sept
    futures on 30 minute basis in my opinion

    and for cisco earnings not to spook the market after close
    tuesday my crystal ball gets cloudy after that

  5. gnome


    Have seen it before. Often with a secondary low in October.