Some thoughts of some people

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Notes123, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. First of all, I will expose myself at the Dallas Traders' Expo in the coming week.

    I will wear a white T-shirt with a black (no, Hispanic) word on the back: "Loser!"

    So if you see someone wearing a Caucasian T-shirt, make sure you turn around after you pass him and take a look at his back. If you see the African-American word : Loser, that's me, notes123.

    OK, some thoughts about some people.

    I just read a thread about Don Bright not being seen on ET for some time. That brought back the memory of a conversation I had with Don years ago. I remember I told him I was trading stocks. He asked me how I traded stocks. I said I bought stocks and waited for them to go up. He said how did you know the stocks would go up. I said I didn't know. Then he said if you didn't know if the stocks would go up, you shouldn't be trading stocks.

    I was very discouraged and sad after that conversation, I thought there was no chance of making it in stock trading, because the guru, aka Don Bright, had just said it was impossible to trade the direction of stocks.

    Years later, I realized Don Bright was ignorant. But I kept it to myself until this day.

    Days ago, I met a guy who had his own office doing something related to stocks. He said had done stock trading/futures trading/options trading for over 20 years. I asked him what he was trading now, he said he wasn't trading anything. He said he was merely executing trades for his clients, brokering, that is. I told him I was trading futures. He said he would never touch futures. Obviously he lost a lot of money in trading futures. I asked him why he would not touch futures, he said you could make a lot money today but you would lose it all the next day. He suggested that I should only trade stocks, not futures. I asked if there was any difference between stocks and futures, he couldn't say any difference except that one could lose a lot money in futures. I mentioned the magic word, but he didn't seem to respond to it. It suddently occurred to me that he was still clueless after 20 years. Because if I mentioned Allah to a muslim, he would surely respond to the word if he is a true muslim.