some things that annoy me

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shrewd Dude, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. when it's 1:30 and people say "half past the hour"
    why use more syllables and give less information? just say 1:30, damn it!

    instead of saying "the dow is up 2 points" .....saying "the dow is up a just a tiny little bit".....less info, more words. dumb.
  2. balda


    I am with you Brother:D
  3. too many words..

    should say..
    " I dig it"
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  5. How about washroom attendants?

    Gee, thanx for handing me a paper towel man, what could I have possibly done without you?
    When I've just washed my hands and they're perfectly clean, the last thing I want to do, is pull a filthy germ-infested Dollar bill out of my pocket right before I return to my meal.
  6. bobcathy1

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    Either do something about it or shut up!
  7. ElCubano


    tip the guy before you wash your hands....
  8. bobcathy1

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    Nice idea. My guess is you never miss your aim?
  9. learn not to piss on your hands

  10. bobcathy1

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    Women are not lucky that way. Ugh.
    #10     Dec 16, 2003