Some Swift Questions

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    YEAH!!!!!!! Stop complaing cuz some people can make money even at 35% rate...and You probably couldnt make money at 90% rate...cuz 90% of negative profits is not alot!!!!!

    Bottom line is Swift is a good place to you experience..and can open doors at other long as you are succesful...I mean if you go and dont even graduate..then you shouldnt even bother applying other places...

    Datradr.,..soon to be trading once again..!!!!!!!
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  2. Isn't it interesting how all of traderblue's posts so far are about bashing Swift or how much he hates Swift?

    Is that the reason you registered traderblue? Or do you actually have something creative, intelligent, or insightful to lend to the community? :p
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  3. LOL:D

    I simply just respond to the Thread that is ABOUT swift trade. Since most of you Monkeys obviously cant read. I would think before the OP leaves the States to come to Canada for the SOLE reason of joining Swift Trade, that someone could at least give him the heads up. Wish someone would have done that for me. Regardless, I am done " complaining "

    And yes I do have other things I can talk about on this board and will contribute like most others if I can.

    And one last thing: I am QUITE amused how people come on here and immediately assume that I must not be a profitable trader, but hey...You are pal. As are ALL the other members on here.

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