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    Seriously i've been through the swift program and take my advice... make sure you have at least enough money aside for 6 months of expenses (rent, food, bills, etc) AND keep a part time job for evenings/weekends if possible.
    About 70% of ppl that start never end up getting a penny and those that do usually dont get their first paycheck for 4-6 months... if you are living on your own and self-supporting this can be difficult (i've lived it).

    Good luck.
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  2. Mine took longer than 6 months, that's for sure,

    Ciao and good luck!
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  3. Why on earth would you want to leave the states and come to work for Swift ?? Have you completely LOST your mind ??

    If you enjoy rebating, churning, and giving up over 60% of your profit, then all the power to you. Honestly, I dont get it. I worked there a while back and have nothing but bad reviews. They SUCK !! and before anyone wants to accuse me of being a trader who didn't' make it, or a competitor or anything like that, let me stop you now. Now it will vary from office to office, but avoid the Calgary office and Kelowna one as well. The same Dink owns both of them. A real SNAKE in the grass. I hear Hamilton makes some real money as well Victoria. Most likely cause they actually let traders be traders and NOT rebate monkeys. Consider learning all you can and the RUN AWAY as fast as you can, but to leave the States just for Swift trade is insane.

    PM me if you'd like some specifics on why to avoid Calgary and Kelowna
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    what is the MPP PNL figure?
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  5. Hi Amanda,

    Since this is off topic for the thread, I've replied to you via PM.

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    apply to SwiftTrade
    if you can do well there - you probably wont have any trouble making it big elsewhere

    and yes..most of the people who are whining and complaining are probably those who got burnt out or blown out within weeks/months of trading there
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    traderblue is obviously one of those people....
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  9. Ya, couldn't make any money flipping shares like a MONKEY....So now, all I do is "complain" about it :mad: I guess, I just dont have the skills needed to punch buttons like I'm playing playstation...Silly me, OH Swift, PLEASE hire me. I eat my bananas now and I play lots of video games.....Do I have the necessary skills now to succeed with your SCAM shop ???
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    No SHI^, you do complain like a MONKEY... I just dont get it, how much more are you going to complain about get over it
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