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    I have a few questions for anyone that is currently at Swift. How does this work if you are a U.S. resident do I get a work Visa and if so how long am I allowed to stay? How difficult is it to get a job at one of the vancouver area offices if you do not have a college degree? On top of the 25k for my account what other fees do I have to pay (training,desk fees etc). Also is there any different licensing I would need or just my series 7?
  2. Read some other posts...Swift has been covered to death.

    You don't need a degree. The only requirement is money.

  3. No work visa required because you won't really be 'working', work involves getting payment in return for your efforts. This wont happen at Swift until you graduate their training program.

    How difficult is it to get a 'job' there if you don't have a college degree? Just ask for one. That's it.

    No 25k required. However, if you lose money you'll either be fired or sued. No one employed by Swift has a series 7, unless they went out and got one on their own.
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    What should i look for when choosing an office. Since I am moving from the states it doesnt really matter what location i chose I would just prefer to be wherever the best training program and traders are.
  5. Hi Forrest,

    As an American, there are some unique steps you'd need to take to trade with Swift, or any other Canadian firm. PM me for details if you are planning a move to Vancouver.

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    What do you need money for?
  7. Ohh, I thought now you must bring money? Someone told me a while back that in a few months they are no longer letting traders come in with no money.

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    does anyone know approx how much money someone would have to put down?

    and i thought there was something about covering your losses?
  9. The traders don't fund the accounts, Swift does. So no, you're not required to deposit any cash.

    And yes, if you finish a month negative, then you start from that deficit position the next month, and have to bring the account back to black before you get paid.

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