some stats on elitetrader forums

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by travis, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. travis


    I was browsing through the other forums and I came up with this litte study (see attachment).

    The longest threads are on Journals with an average of 226 posts per thread. The shortest threads are on Classifieds with an average of 7 posts per thread.

    The forum with most posts is Trading, the one with least posts is Market Profile.

    Automated Trading is, more or less, in the middle for number of posts and threads, but it has a pretty low ratio posts to threads. What could this mean? Maybe that we are more antisocial or self-centered and each wants to start his own thread rather than participate in others. Or that we don't read what others have written, and just want to start our own thread, before seeing if similar threads already exist. Or it could also mean that we are so diverse that we can't really fit in one another's threads. But it could also mean that we are doing technical discussions, all different from one another, whereas on other forums any thread is equal to another, because people just want to get together and chat, without a purpose to ask/say something specific (or at least less than here). What do you think?

    I also noticed that the forums are not totally coherent, but overall well organized and the software is the best out there as far as I know (vBulletin).