Some Questions for experts on historical price Data?

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  1. I have two questions:

    1-Why Historical data providers charge higher price
    for 1 minute intraday compare to 5 minute intraday?

    we all know that 1minute bar can be converted to
    5 minute bar and higher , So what is wrong with
    breaking 5 min bar down to 1 minute bars? Will
    these cause any inaccuracy when testing?

    2-Which Data feed has longest historical data that
    can be downloaded into products like Qcollector
    from ( collects
    realtime data, not historical).
    Problem is Esignal provide 120 days intraday history
    while what tradestation offers is beyond compare to
    So is there a way that you can automate hundreds of
    symbols at a time with Historic intraday data to be
    loaded into excell program after market closed each

    3-HistoryCentre 3.0 for TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i
    Does anyone using this product, how long will it take for
    each symbol historic intraday data get loaded directly into
    TS2000i (i mean without having to convert to XPO then
    import into global server)?
    And how does TS2000i can integrate with any ASCII data
    for direct import, because above site seems hasn't mentioned
    anything on this?
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    I'll answer the easy one. You must have had a bad morning. Assume a stock trades as follows:

    All are Open, High, Low, Close. Stock trades are reported by minute, not by tick.

    1, 3, 5, 5
    5, 5 ,5, 5
    4, 4, 2, 2
    2, 2, 2, 2
    3, 3, 1, 3

    A 5 minute report would be:

    1, 5, 1, 3

    There is no way to reconstruct the one-minute data from the 5 minute date. Obviously the reason the data provides charge more is that you are get five times the data.
  3. Sure, i had a bad morning, :) i was thinking of 5minutes
    worth of tick data which could be break down to 1 minute

    Thanks, Question one is answered, please proceed with
    next two questions
  4. Any ideas on 2nd and 3rd question?

    Another question?
    About OwnData 2.1 for TS 8
    OwnData 2 is the second generation of unique software that allows you using third party data in TradeStation 8. OwnData 2 opens eSignal, Interactive Brokers (TWS), Patsystems (J-Trader), TradeStation2000i GlobalServer, CyberTrader, Universal DDE, ASCII (plain text) and other data sources to you. It allows you importing ASCII files to native TradeStation 8 data and gives you a backup in case of any problems with the TradeStation Securities feed.

    How reliable this software is, If you don't have to use
    TS data feed? Anyone uses it?
  5. Any answer to 2nd and 3rd question, especially 2nd question?
  6. Hello all

    QuoteIN add-in new Beta version is able to download 10 days intraday minute from MarketFeed. It is still Beta version but has near release quality. The way it is implemented is unique since it works from within Excel. Feel free to contact for more information.