Some questions about TradeSim.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Alex25, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Alex25


    Hi ALL.
    Are there users of TradeSim on this forum? I looking for solution of my problem about use MetaStock System Tester Stops in the TradeSim. Would you be so kind to show an example of code for the Trailing Stop with 20 % of profit risk and “Exit at StopPrice”.
    Also I want to know: can I create an indicator for applied to a chart it will take a snapshot of all of the trades corresponding to the Pyramidding, Entry and Exit triggers and then write the information out to a trade database not for long OR short triggers, but for long AND short triggers??? How to write this for multiple security using the MetaStock Explorer?
    And thirdly, for ignore or enter the trade I use a simple filter. It is result of division Percent Gain by Total Trades(from Summary Report in MS). What can I coded this filter in The Explorer for automatically include( in Trade Database Manager and Trade Log) a trades with this ratio greater than 1, and for automatically exclude trades with my ratio less than 1???
    Thanks in advance. :)