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    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of moving my account from MB Trading to Mirus because I've found out that I only trade futures and since Mirus is a better broker for futures + It has zen-fire + NT I though of trading with them. Also don't forget the lower commisions.

    Since I couldn't get them on the phone today (guess it has something to day with 4th of July) I wanted to ask you a few qeustions about them:

    1) Does any of you have good or bad exprience with them?
    2) Does they give you a free license to NT or you have to pay for it seperately?
    3) Does thay have non-activity commsions or any other monthly fees that does not involves directly with trading?
    4) Do you pay for the ZEN-FIRE date or you get it for free?
    5) what's the diffrence btween Dorman and RGC (exept for the markets they clear) and which of them is better?
    6) and if any of you are overseas clients do you have or had any special issues or problems? (espcially regarding withdrawls)
    6) and lastly, can I transfer my account completely from MB to Mirus? (don't have any open positions).

    thank you all in advance.
  2. 1) Good.
    2) You have to pay for it.
    3) No other fees.
    4) Free.
    5) Effectively no difference.
    6) No problems.
    7) Withdraw the funds from MB and then transfer to Mirus.

    Good luck.
  3. amitman


    Thank you,
    Are you sure about 7? because they do have an account transfer Form you can fill and withdrawing all my money from MB and then transfer it again is really not an option for me because it means I have to suffer some heavy commsions from my bank in Israel, not mentioning the exchange fees...
  4. That's TMI, give'em a call on Monday ...
  5. 1) Good
    2) They offer a free one but it does not offer atm strategies (auto stop, target) The pay one is 60/month.
    3) No
    4) Free but due note that zen fire does not offer much historical data
    5) No difference.
    6) Not overseas.
    7) It's better to withdraw money and open an account as its quicker this way. I've heard of it taking a long time to transfer but have no 1st hand experience.
  6. Been trading every day with Mirus for about 2 years now. Very happy with their service, support and reliability of Zenfire datafeed for NT.

    I've used Tradestation, Transact+Trademaven & PFG over the years, and Mirus/NT/ZF is by far the most reliable of the trading platforms/datafeeds that I've used to trade futures.
  7. Lorenzo


    I am pretty sure that Zen-Fire is not available through RCG
  8. laocoon


    Not true. I trade with Mirus and have acces to Zen Fire with RCG.

    Good luck.
  9. With RCG you can have your account in Euros, don´t know about other currencies, though.
  10. Lorenzo


    ZenFire is not listed on RCG web site

    Do they clear thru a give up?
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