Some questions about joining a Prop shop

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by amitman, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. amitman


    Hi all,
    I recently got an offer from Title Trading to work there.
    Now, I'm talking about their Israely office and not the Candian.
    Since I'm not quite sure about them, because some rumors say this is not really Title's office in Israel, and secondly, I know nothing about Title Trading.
    Now, I have a meeting with them on wednesday.
    My question is, since I'm completly new to Prop firms (I didn't even know there's a Prop in Israel) is what should I ask them, what things should raise my suspicion, what I need to know about them. Etc.
    This what I do know:
    You don't need any deposite of your own money.
    The share is about 30/70 (in their favor), pretty lame, I know.
    And they don't have any access to CME.
    And they told me the name of their trading software but I can't remember it, maybe if some of you will raise some names of prop software I'll be able to recall the name.

    Any useful information about props in general, and about this company in specific is more then welcome.