Some questions about day trading in Canada

Discussion in 'Trading' started by imbetbm, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. imbetbm


    Inspired by some successful stories and my own early trading success, I decide to switch to a more day-trading friendly brokerage firm.

    My questions are:
    Which online brokerage firms provides better commissions and tools for day trading in Canada? Is it easy to borrow shares of NYSE-listed companies from them?

  2. IB = cheapest by far
  3. C- kid

    C- kid

    IB is good enough

    its options are vast and not many people utilize it all
  4. yeah but seriosuly what other options are there other than IB the next cheapest is questrade i think whihc has 4.95 for 500 shares than 1 cent for every share up to max of 9.95... u can do options/forex/gold from there account but with IB u get cheaper prices and access to way more markets its like no brainer. only thing is if u need a registered account then ur only choice is at a bank or questrade since IB doesnt do registered accounts.
  5. imbetbm


    What about thinkorswim?
    I did some research, seems that they have a pretty good reputation and have the best Desktop-based Software according to Barrons.