Some Profound words from China about recession

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NY_HOOD, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Futures are taking a big hit because China says we are in for " chronic recession" ..
    That's some profound talk from China.
  2. Chronic recession with 8-9% GDP growth? Something ain't jiving... perhaps the accounting?
  3. No, he was talking about a chronic recession in the U.S and Europe.
  4. The larger their dollar surplus, the more "pround" their words are. :cool:
  5. Oh well, yes. We already have that... except for the accounting.
  6. Why do people always think that the news controlls the market?

    The market is falling because more people want out than in, and one of the lowest total index options put/call ratios in the last 3 years registered last Friday.

    I'm short the Russell 2000 futures because (1st and most important) that's how price is trending and my background analysis supports it.
  7. maxpi


    That's a Chinese leader making noises about having a dollar fire sale... China is not in great shape, they have stagflation. You bet they are going to "focus on internal problems".
  8. China will disintegrate in no time, if rest of the world stops importing their products.