some people think trading is like a warrior's quest

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  1. is trading really as dramatic as some people would like it to be? i think we watch too much tv in this country.
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    If you're doing it right, it's kinda boring.
  3. trading like a warrior implies fighting the market to me. i think its more like surfing. you try to position yourself to ride the next wave.
  4. The warriors quest is the training part
    Training takes a lot of dedication/motivation blood sweat and tears.

    The actual execution part after your apprenticeship is like a 3 minute fight match.

    Everything comes out by reflex, straight to the point, no thinking required.

    Thats what you train for.

    In another words :
    Trade like you train.
    Train like you trade.

    Sort of like a warriors path to being the ultimate fighter :D
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    pure nonsense. only those who do it for the action maybe see it this way. successful trading has nothing to do with fighting or war, etc. if it would be war - how exactly would you fight - against whom??
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    Against yourself, an inner struggle for understanding.
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    Spot on......there is a constant 'arm wrestling' in my head between intuition and rational thought, fear & greed !!
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    You might want to check out "The Way of the Warrior-trader" by Richard McCall. Gives you a good explanation of war and trading ...and its not about the big fight...but "flowing" and taking the path of least in surfing.

    In both trading and surfing(grew up on Oahu surfing) if you are not in the can be a REAL battle...

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    Well, nothing wrong with warring terminology which I sometimes use myself.

    But the fact is the market is a tame fluffy little pussy cat; you just keep gently stroking his smooth soft furry guts and the money keeps flowing your way.
  10. i think people see this as a quest to get rich imo, not a quest to defeat the market... altho to some its probably synonymous.

    to go even deeper, by wanting to be something like a knight to slay the market can be interpreted in some way that u have some sort of financial death wish imo... someone said that we get what we want from the market... sometimes we subconsciously want to fail to get some sort of sympathy or empathy, or a fallen hero it seems.
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