Some people should avoid to trade from now

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  1. If they don't want to get nervous :D
  2. cuz of the sunspots or what?
  3. Watch for massive cell phone and communications problems from noon EST and on today. Should be interesting, this latest CME was shot out of the sun directly in the direction of the little blue marble. Good night for the 'Northern Lights"!


    CME - Coronal Mass Ejection
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    get it right! its the 'magnetic coronal explosion' that we have to worry about!!


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    These events make for a very fun time for radio experimenters and amateur radio operators. Some bands get a big boost in propagation and others get noisier. These things have taken the power grid down in Canada before. It amazes me that something could do that, but it has.
  6. you just made my ignore list with yet another pointless post- goodbye sucka !!!!
  7. harry trader and murry turtle ought to get together and put out a newsletter called the Hairy Turtle.
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  9. LOL


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    Yes, but it was a non-event. Notice that Harry never stated what he was talking about, doesn't have to absorb the blame really!

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