Some oversold stocks

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  1. GMCR PEET FLR DIG UCO are oversold.

    UCO formed a descending triangle for days. Broke down and hit low target today.
  2. BRCD bounced back up from oversold, more room above. I purchased a few days ago.
  3. FCX BUCY bounced back up after pulled back to ouside of the lower part of the daily bollinger bands.
  4. LVS ooks oversold to me....
  5. LONG is extremely oversold....
  6. UCO huge volumes for a many days..
    Any sellers left?
    Way oversold. Going up from here would be an inverted H&S .
  7. Last time when UCO when below ma-200 in September, it came back up in a big way.

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  8. It shows his complete and total arrogance that he would even accept it - he could have made everyone happy if he said something like, "Thanks - I really appreciate being though of, but I haven't done enough yet. Please find someone who has worked for years for peace and where it is documented that person's efforts have saved lives. If I am deserving of the award the next time it is up, I will be happy to be considered for it again."

  9. ANPI. Moving back up.
  10. I think we should post oversold stocks more often. It's safer to buy good fundamentals and oversold stocks.

    For example, CHK pulled back to ma-200 was a great time to buy. Many times, TA looks awful but it's a great time to buy.

    FLR is another example and FUQI. I purchased yesterday and sold today, will buy back since it went up 11% in one day.

    I will do more research during the days off and post here.

    Please post your oversold stocks. Thx.
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