Some of you really need some financial sense

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Feb 7, 2003.

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    After believing in new economy, now some believe in everlasting money creation: it is worst than the new economy stupidity ! New economy would work if we don't live in a oligopolistic world and everlasting interest and tax burdens, ie if we live in a humanitarian world. This is not the case, it won't be the case before 1000 or perhaps 10000 years so stop believing in fairy tales. I don't care that so much people believe in it except that this permit them to do more and more harm to economy through interests pumping with taxes, overcost of public services (especially when they lower taxes they will uplift this cost), etc. with the consent or at least placidity of some people for the consequence for all. If consequence was limited to them, well I wouldn't care ! I don't care for example people playing at casino losing their shirts as long as it doesn't impact the economy for all !
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    Please Shut the "F" Up. This is a forum for traders and trading ideas. Take your wonderful discourse to a more appropriate venue.
  3. Hohoho stop telling me what I have to do, Mister, or are you against freedom of expression. You want to shut up what annoys you when one don't think the WAY you want ? Give me YOUR IDEA if you have ANY because I am always interested to hear opinion different from mine ! The difference between me and you is that I am not afraid of people living in sects and who fear by gregarity instinct that their thoughts could be criticised by others so express your opinion if you have courage to do so.

    Financial sense concerns traders, right or not ?

  4. I do agree that the question of how money is generated and what the limitations to that are is very relevant to trading. There is not everlasting money creation.

    And I agree that the stock market is a casino. I don't mind people playing at casinos if that's what they want to do, but their profits or losses shouldn't affect me.
    The same is true with the stock market. People who don't play the stock market should not be affected by its movements. But interest rates and other policies are set directly based on the activity of the stock market, so the whole society is made unwitting participants in the stock market, and that strikes me as wrong. I'm not saying anyone on here should not play the market. That's why we're here. But your profits or losses in the market should not affect my account balance. Yet everyone's bank account is affected by the stock market, whether they take any interest in the market or not.