Some of you guys are too fragile to be successful

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  1. If you want the truth, that is the truth. I sit back here and browse through these posts of obvious emotionality. It is obvious that many of you here are too fragile to be successful. You lose your tempers easiliy, kick and scream like a bunch of babies, etc.

    Walk up the street and go into any store that has been in business for at least 5 years. Meet with the owner and you will see the majority of the time you are dealing with a solid individual that is not easily shaken.

    Successful individuals are not easily effected by the world around them. They do not whine and cry on internet message forums or in real life. Take it for what its worth, but my advice to you...stop crying and wipe your tears.
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  3. You realize don't you, that your post comes off as telling others how to act, how to feel, and that others need to, you know, be BETTER... like you.

    Just how high IS your horse?
  4. Yep you are correct.

    It takes real strength to be successful in life and in business.
  5. it is true, this is a really nasty forum actually, it dosent take much to get abused. Even some of the moderators are just downright hateful.

    Most of the best traders i know at my ex- prop firm were really kind generous people, overall nice guys, not only to friends and family but acquaintances and strangers. Maybe theres a connection?
  6. Makes good sense to me.
    Nothing wrong with taking a swipe at idiots every now and again, to keep an even keel on this forum ( vigilante style) but lots of pissing and moaning goes on from wannabee idiots.
    I like this forum for its humor and honesty, for those who whinge lots and whack the rattle endlessly,I put straight onto ignore. :p
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    His internet anonymity "advice" post tells you all you need to know about him; yet another self-absorbed, ignorant twit...
  8. Thats right, I am telling you what to do. Its called leadership. Im leading some of you guys out of the backhole and into a more successful lifestyle. Unfortunately, some of you guys cant follow nor can you lead. Im leading you down a better path.

    Instead of whining and complaining all the time, its time to get tough. So what someone called you a few names? So what the market aint going your about you dummy up and get back on the wagon? Get tough and stand up.

    Thats right I surf on an anonymous proxy. Why would I want to give my real ip address to a bunch of chumps who whine and complain from day to day?
  9. You sounds like Phil Gramm (John McCains top economic advisor), who in August of 2008 told us that we are a nation of whiners, time to get tough, stop complaining about the economy, suck it up. Its a mental recession.
  10. love this so much. no more tears no more money hahaha:D
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