Some of these prints are ridiculous

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  1. Financial stocks are going bananas, this isn't a free market, this is a witch hunt aganst short sellers. The kitchen sink has been thrown at the credit crisis. What other catalysts are left? Dropping money from helicopters?

    The Treasury has spent all its bullets and definitely used up all its goodwill. Fed still has 200 bps left of ammo, which leads us to the Japan scenario if they go below 2%. And now the SEC has one catalyst left: total ban on short selling on all stocks, not just financial. I'm sure we'll see that if the Dow breaks 10,000. These guys are Marxist clowns dressed up as capitalists.

    I would not trust any of these prices for the next few days, they have truly been manipulated.
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    I'm going to report the SEC to the SEC for market manipulation.

    Because this is what this "plan" amounts to.

    I'm glad I listened to Todd Harrison at Minyanville about "cumulative imbalances on one hand and government intervention on the other" and I closed most of my shorts earlier this week.

    So I have some ammo available to sell calls into this ridiculous rally.
  3. your damn right its a witchhunt, and its just going to get worse for shorts.

    eventually, what I heard, is that there will be a complete permanent ban on short selling.

    according to the governments viewpoint,if you want to short, go short oil, gold, nat gas, gasoline, the euro, etc.........You have authorized permission to short the hell out of those markets even down to zero.but dont dare short assets people use to build wealth and rely on for retirement.\

    got it?
  4. What goes 'round comes 'round.

    There are still plenty of ways to short the market/XLF.

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    why buy the XLF if no one can short the actual stocks. dangerous waters.
  6. In my personal, uneducated and inexperienced opinion, the pendullum has just swung the other way - and again to the extreme. The short selling was getting out of hand, with various groups of funds targeting companies and destroying them just to make a buck. Now it's the other extreme where no one can short any of it. Both sides are stupid. But as usual, people took the short selling too far and now they'll get the stick up their ass for it.

    Personally I don't care either way. The currency market is a joy. :)
  7. Wouldn't it be nice to be able short GS at these 144.00 prints?

    So much money being taken off the table for traders...
  8. I saw prints for GE at 27 then jump to 32.12 at 5000 shares? WTF?? Anyone here can explain? They are confirmed trades.
  9. Turn on the TV or read.
  10. What does that have to do with a crazy jump in price on the tape. made no sense.
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