Some of my best advise/precautions to fellow traders

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  1. Please make it short & sweet, perhaps based on your experiences. I will start, and as others contribute I will post more.

    Here it is:

    "Especially" if you think you came up with something to outsmart the system, start small; if you are right, you don't have to reap the benefits today.
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    Jeez .. talk about making problems where they don't exist.
    You are not in a contest with someone else; you are not in a championship tussle.

    There is the market (eg YM).
    There is you.
    You arrive with a big bucket.
    Its empty.
    You want to fill up the big bucket.
    And as well you want to fill that big bucket right up to the very top, ok?
    And you want to do this with money from the market, you agree, yes?

    On the face of it then, what could be simpler?
  3. I'd bet doing the exact opposite of that innocent feeling would get better results.
  4. KISS*

    *Keep It Simple Stupid
  5. 2ticks


    If you are 6'5" you will not be a successful jockey.
  6. You see the problem don't you (directed to the thread's originator).

    You ask a question, and often the people who respond really don't have a substantive comment (in fact they usually don't know what the word "substantive" means).

    So what you get is crap, and then those of us who might have an answer read and think "why the fuck should I particpate in this flying turd contest?"

    In my Santa Barbara office, I am pretty sure I have five of the best in the world. They make money, they manage risk effectively, they keep a low profile, they work to preserve their physical health, they do charitable work in the community, and they take great care of their families. Aside from the gentleman who trained me, I think these are by far, the best I know of.

    Good luck with your inquiry
  7. Cheese


    I was just pointing towards the need for an open mind and getting started with the questions about the market that gets the process of understanding under way.

    But what 'opposite' did you have in mind?
  8. Your harangue decrying the ET community while at the same time exalting yourself and your bandmates to superlative status is interesting.

    You see the problem don't you?
  9. Apologies, I had misunderstood.

    The opposite of what a novice's sense would lead him to do (assuming he is usually off)--but actually this is not so correct either.
  10. Well it is difficult to avoid the obvious comment. For instance, YOU didn't really read the post.

    I "exalt" the five traders who do great job, not only of trading, but with regard to living a good clean life. In fact, I feel lucky to have met them and since I am never too proud to learn something new, I benefitted significantly as I observed them in the performance of their jobs.

    The "Problem" as I see it, and as YOU continue to display so elequently is that people here don't really THINK much. They post, but they don't THINK.

    That is why they often don't get much benefit from the information they obtain from those of us who actually do this work for a living.

    YOU see the problem don't you?

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