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    September 2006 Volume

    CME Reports September 2006 Volume Averaged 6.0 Million Contracts per Day, Up 15 Percent from Year-Ago Period

    Third-Quarter 2006 Volume Averaged 5.4 Million Contracts per Day, up 28 Percent from Year-Ago Period

    CME FX volume averaged a record 520,000 contracts per day in September, up 26 percent from year-ago period

    NYMEX contracts on CME Globex platform averaged a record 273,000 contracts per day during September

    Options volume on CME Globex averaged a record 148,000 contracts per day during the third quarter

    CME E-mini options volume averaged a record 54,000 contracts per day in September and a record 52,000 contracts per day for the quarter

    CME Eurodollar options volume on Globex averaged a record 95,000 contracts per day for the quarter, reaching a record 8.4 percent of total Eurodollar options volume
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    How are SSF's doing?