Some news today at 11:30 ( 5-21-2004) ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by rinozeta, May 21, 2004.

  1. rinozeta


    I have look a fast market at 11:30 ( 5-21-2004) but in i dont't see any economic news

  2. rinozeta


    I mean at 11:30 NY time or 10:30 Chicago Time
  3. it was news about OPEC.

    Bloomberg reported that open will increase the out put and then market started to run.

    Couple of hours later reported again by bloomberg that decision will be taken at june 3rd meeting.

    As far as I know.
  4. rinozeta


    Is possible to know this events ( opec schedule ) ? ( like for economic calendar )

    In i don't have try nothing

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    You might check into They seem to pick up a number of things. They caught the TASR split in time to catch a 7-8 point run.

  6. Your link doesn't seem to work.
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    Temporary Brain Malfunction (at least I HOPE it's temporary). Try this:

  8. rinozeta


    I to try the trial of Trigger news but me it seems not complete ( only stock news and special event )

  9. cashonly

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    I didn't know if it might have come out as a special event. Probably have to run it for a few days through a few events.

    Did it catch the tobacco news this morning?
  10. rinozeta


    No :-(

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