Some neat idea from TS7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by electron, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Here is some idea from TS7. I own TS2000i, but this idea is not implemented in it, plus this is a very slow software so I stopped using it for daytrading. I am now looking for a software other than TS7, where this idea is also implemented. Please let me know if you happen to come across such a software. I also suggested implementing this feature in two popular softwares that I like so if they respond positively to my request I will let you know about it.

    The idea is basically to add the time and tick count (for tick bars) next to the bar. For minute bars the time is counted down (say, from 2:00 to 0:01 for a two min bar), for tick bars it is counted up and the ticks are counted down (say, from 144 to 1 and then another cycle starts). I think it is a great idea and I believe it would be even greater if one could use this feature next to chosen indicators. Some people do trade off indicators in some situations.
  2. Hi Electron.

    I'm new to all of this and trying to understand the chart you posted along with the feature you mention.

    In the chart diagram, the feature you like is the small number 56, yellow in color at the top of the new bar? At that particular moment, 56 ticks have gone into the formation of that 144 tick bar?

    What is the 1:56, white in color, just below that?

    Thanks for the help.