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  1. I am from Cuba, a communist country like China.....I don't know much about Dalai Lama but I am 100000000% sure that the Chinese government are not nice, and never ....let me repeat......NEVER!!!!! have freed anyone from anything. If you get on their way you will get SLAVERY....RED slavery for the mind.

    Before anyone comments in favor of the Chinese please be advice I also come from a communist country and I am well aware of the Chinese, Soviets and Castro.
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    Intelinvestor, don't you think your propaganda is a bit obvious?

    Nobody believes propaganda videos from sources such as yourself. Your video is trying to portray past Da Lai Lamas as ruthless oppressors and the Chinese as their saviors. But everyone with a head on their shoulders realizes that the Chinese are not Tibet's saviors.

    The Chinese are perpetrating the same kind of cultural genocide that happened in the United States to American Indians. Sure the West has done the same thing in the past, but at least we realize that it was bad. How about you get your brain washed head out of your ass for a moment and realize that you are the only one believing your own lies?

  3. I can understand your behavior. As a Cuban in the U.S., you just need a green card. You have to make up whatever to please U.S. media.

  4. Another brainwashed by the media.

    Tell me, where did I lie?

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    Intel, I don't mean to imply that the Da Lai Lama is good nor that he is bad. The lies that I am referring to are the ones being implied in the video, which are that Chinese rule in Tibet is a good thing. Sure the Tibetans are backwards in many ways, but it still does not give China the right to colonize and destroy Tibet's culture.

    Believing that China is kind hearted and cares for the Tibetans is akin to believing that Europeans had all good intentions when they took over Africa, India, North America and South America. Why are you so intent on believing a lie? Communist China is like any other oppressive government...

  6. Anyone with a head on his neck should think twice about using the word "genocide".

    If you say Chinese are carrying on a genocide against Tibetan Chinese, you
    can say the same thing that American
    whites are carrying on a genocide on
    the African American.

    African Americans enjoy Affirmative Action in the U.S. just as the minority Chinese do in China.
    Some African Americans say whites are
    doing this on purpose,

    "The liberal elite need to keep the blacks dependent on them, though, so they will block anything that could truly help the blacks in America break free from the chains of poverty, chains stronger than any born by the slaves of the southern plantations. Liberal programs such as affirmative action and inner city housing projects are red herrings designed to give blacks and other minorities a false hope and keep them voting Democrat."

    "a number of recent studies and numerous experts on the subject point out that affirmative action is more detrimental to blacks than helpful."

    Affirmative Action makes African Americans less competitive in the future.

  7. From all the official maps from early 1700 till now, I haven't seen one single map which indicates that Tibet was/is not part of China.

    Here is one map in 1914 published by the preeminent American publisher of maps

    Since China has continuously ruled Tibet more years than U.S. history, why do the media always lie to us that Tibet was independent before Communist China era(since 1949)? Should the media tell us the truth?

    How Communist China rule Tibet is their own business, not other countries’. Should U.S. allow black slaves on its territory? Well, if U.S. free black slaves in the south, do you think China have a say over this? Should China say, wait a minute, the south of U.S. should keep its tradition and keep the plantations. You would say, either we have slaves or not, none of China’s business.

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    Intel, don't twist my words. Cultural genocide is the destruction of a culture (not necessarily the people). What the Communists are doing are flooding Tibet with Han immigrants and diluting Tibetan tradition and language through population dilution and re-education. European settlers did the same thing to Indians in the US, by converting them to Christianity, forcing them to speak English, and moving onto their land. Bringing up affirmative action does not change the issue, especially when you consider that it is only a token piece used to pacify critics.

    By the way I have nothing against Chinese people (Im married to one). I only critisize the actions of their government, much like I do the same thing with bad policies of my own government.


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