Some margins back to 50%, but TWS still 100%

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by learner2007, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I see that the margin requirement has been put back to 50% for some products, but TWS still requires 100%. Or were the changes made after the close in the U.S. and to be effective from tomorrow?
  2. Where did you see the reduced IB futures margin news?
  3. Thanks. I had looked at that page before and didn't see anything different and now I see that many are different.

    On the IB Intraday Margin Requirements page it still says in red letters: "Due to the exceptional volatility of the financial markets we are temporarily suspending reduced intraday margin."

    Why can't IB send an email to all customers about margin changes?:mad:
  4. The reduced intraday margins are only applied during regular trading hours. Let's see what TWS does in the morning.
  5. I tried during regular trading hours here in Asia, but TWS still required 100%. Please let me know how it goes when the market opens in the U.S. Will be glad to be able to trade as much as I could before.