Some liberals make me sick

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    Orlando Jones: Liberals Should Kill Sarah Palin

    Orlando Jones may be best known for his days as a comedic TV pitchman. This latest suggestion, though, is no laughing matter.

    The former soda slinger who spent years telling people to "Make 7 Up Yours" fired off a series of tweets on October 22nd following the death of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. After discussing Kanye West's trip to Occupy Wall Street, Jones wrote, "Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin

    Smiley face or not, Jones received a number of angry tweets in response to his comment, and responded to a number of them a day after his initial remark.

    In response to user @Obamamamadingdo, who describes herself as a conservative woman who stands with Israel, Jones wrote, "Advocating? No. Demanding? Delusional. Poking fun @ liberals and getting a response obama mandingo... priceless:)"

    When @tn4p, whose full user name is Tennessee 4 Palin, called the statement violent, he wrote, "I regret to inform you that jokes do not qualify as violent rhetoric. your angry reaction and response however, does:) keep smiling." When the user then compared his statements with those that could have inspired the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, he followed it up by saying, "Actually, I don't think it's just a joke is an apropo response. If my tweets are so upsetting to you please do not read them:)"

    Jones has appeared in a large number of TV guest star roles, including recent turns in "Necessary Roughness" and "Rules of Engagement." His film roles include "Drumline" and "The Replacements."
  2. Absolutely fucking disgusting :mad:
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    Max E.

    Funny thats exactly how most people on this site feel about you.

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    It is pretty disgusting what all has happened to Sarah Palin... Democrats [I guess] went after her with about a dozen investigations, none of which turned up much wrongdoing but all of which cost her from her own pocket for legal defense. Somebody torched her church too... so when she quit as Governor they called her a quitter!!

    I like what she did, she quit the job, she says she had accomplished what she wanted to accomplish anyway, she went on a speaking tour and made some long coin!! Good for her!!

    That guy that did the 7UP commercials is hilarious though, never had a clue he such an @sshole though...
  5. I wonder if he will get the same treatment Hank Williams Jr got when he was pulled from ESPN following some remarks that were not sufficiently fawning over obama.

    I doubt it. After all, Alec Asshole Baldwin suggested people torch republican leaders houses and he is still doing TV commercials. Rush Limbaugh however is too controversial to be allowed to own a minority stake in an NFL franchise.

    And some doubt there is a double standard?
  6. Liberals are just plain sick in the head. For over 2 years Sarah Palin has been a private citizen....not a politician. When she was a politician she only affected her state that has a tiny population of 710k people, yet there are millions of liberals like this guy who think SHE is somehow destroying our country even though she is just a PRIVATE CITIZEN! I honestly think most liberals have to have an IQ of 85 or lower. They just dont get it.
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    Liberalism is a mental disease.
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    I don't think the liberalism is the disease... it just manifests that way in white guys because of all the lies and deceit they must ingest and regurgitate. Kennedy told us to ask what we can do for the country... but white guys who are still democrats must represent just the opposite. That Bob Beckel guys on Fox is the case in point. You know why he had to do a lot of drugs... because he tries to be logical and a democrat at the same time. That level of deceit will split your sanity in two.

    If you are a white guy you are either jewish, gay, a govt handout freeloader or a jaded attorney/politican who exploits freeloaders.

    None of those guys can really have logical conversations with white friends because they always sound so ridiculous. So they just spit out inane talking points and become either very aggressive themselves or claim you are being too aggressive when you ask them where the money is supposed to come from.

    Remember trying to talk to people about health care.
    To this day has even one person logically and truthfully explain why they are for Obama's plan?

    In generally I could see some people argue for single payer health care if were run properly...

    but arguing for what Obama did... only truly cynical or nuts people can do that.
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