Some just don't get it when it comes to eating.

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    I'm at my inlaws. I always cringe when I come here. My mother in law is a wonderful cook. Everything is great. The problem is it's terribly unhealthy.

    Tonight we are having Mac n Cheese - Fried Salmon Patties and Fried Okra.

    For Thanksgiving there is Mashed Pototoes, Dressing and Corn.

    We had Chicken Enchilads the other night w/Corn bread casserole.

    There is always cake and sweets around.

    Starch Starch Starch, Carb, Carb, Carb. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar No balance.

    To top it off my father in law has probaby had 3 hear attacks and weighs about 270. My mother in law say's they are going to have to get to a gym this year and she can't understand why she weighs so much because she does not eat that often. They are both on blood pressure medicine and she can't understand why she needs it. She never needed it when she smoked. My father in law smokes like a chiminy and can't walk more than 100 ft w/out getting out of breath.

    Sorry. I just had to rant. People really have no understanding of health and nutition. They eat like shit and wonder why they are so fat. Now, I have to be cordial and eat this shit or starve. I can't hurt my mother-in-laws feelings.

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    Sounds exactly like my parents. All of my siblings live out of state and we usually get together for three or four days at parents house at Christmas. We always leave feeling constipated and ill. It always seemed like eating was such a big focus in thier life. They just love to eat and watch television , drives me insane .
  3. A lot of what modern medicine tells us is and isn't healthy is pure rubbish.

    This is never more true than in the area of cholesterol and fat intake.

    Don't sweat it, and enjoy your mother-in-law's cooking in moderation, like everything else.
  4. You are lucky that they eat like pigs. At least you won't have to go and visit them when you are in your seventies.:D
  5. For some people, eating is the highlight of their day. They've programmed themselves negatively and, even though they know they should eat better, they won't. They won't give up the one thing that truly makes them happy. Years and years of bad habits are hard to break, I blame parents for starting kids down the wrong path. Not saying everyone needs to be a health buff, but everyone should understand balance and moderation from a young age. Unfortunately, this is not the mantra of America. Overindulgence to a fault, is.

  6. You'd rather eat tofu?

    Watch Diners, Dives and Drive-ins on the food channel. The guy with the peroxided spike hairdo is host. That guy knows how to eat. People write in for places for him to visit all across the country and he goes there.
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  8. So when you talk of "Some just don't get it when it comes to eating," you are talking about yourself right? :)
  9. Everybody in my house has an eating disorder, and a different one to boot.

    One kid will only eat baloney 3 times a day, wolfs down two sandwiches in about 15 seconds flat, leans back in the chair and burps.

    The other one will only eat fast food (usually MCD) stinks up the whole table like fried food.

    My wife is on weight watchers diet, this is usually some 3 point crumb and accompanied by a "complaint".

    The other girl is basically nauseated by the whole routine she eats nothing, and when she does eat it's a binge.

    I read the paper during dinner and eat a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

    We should do a commercial, and you think I'm kidding.

    Sometimes we get it right though, but most of the time it is disgusting.
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    LOL!!!!! You guys are cracking me up. I'm back home now and it's all over for a few months at least.

    Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to eat and eat well I just like to choose and not do it 4 days in a row. I have had my share of health issues and I am finally getting back in shape.

    My goal this year is the 6 pack I had when I was 19 and I don't mean beer.

    I turned 39 this year and the whole getting old thing keeps coming back to my mind. I think I am having a mid life crisis a little early.

    Thanks for the great comments and the good laughs.

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