Some Jazz, Reggae, Ska and more

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    Here I plan to post some good music for persons who tired of boring trading routine.

    Mostly jazz and carribien, but also some academic may be.

    I hope it will be pleasure for the ET community.
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    The opening track is written by russian eldery jazzman Alexey Kozlov, the originator and saxophone frontman of jazz band Arsenal. I plan to post here several tracks by Arsenal.

    Once I heard that white people are unable to perform Reggae music because this style requires internal perfect sence of rhythm. Here is counterproof.

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    These tracks are examples of jazz&classic, when jazz composition based on some academic music.

    The first is based on 'Polovsian Dances' by russian classic Borodin. The second is based on composition 'The silence of the candle' by Ralph Tauner.

    Both are taken from the same live concert of Arsenal.

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    This is the so called 'world music'. The roots of the composition are related to ethnic music. In this case it's oriental roots.

    'Alay Marketplace' by Arsenal. This is studio version. I've heard this composition live on concerts 10+ times and every time it played differently. This is the nature of jazz - live improvisation...

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    Ska time. The most well known Carribien music style is Reggae and the most famous person is Bob Marley. He was the most successful promoter of Reggae music in the world. But he was neither originator nor founder of this style.

    In the beginning, there was Ska. Ska is the father of Rocksteady style and grandfather of Reggae music. By now, it is not possible to say who originated Jazz music. Some can remember Dixieland but it’s not correct. Jazz roots are in gray fog by today. Another deal is Ska. It is absolutely known who, where and when start to perform original Ska music. This is SKATALITES band from Jamaica. Skatalites was the first and (in mine, but only mine opinion) the unmatched ska band. Nowadays Ska music is mostly simplified and migrate to street music level.

    So the first track is the diamond of Ska – Wood&Water by Skatalites

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    The same band but different style. This is Rocksteady. Rythm is slower and vocal also added. This song performed by many jazz vocalists, here is Doreen Shaffer the Skatalites lady singer. She is alive but old now.

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    Edith Piaf in English classic

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    Some academic music. But really it is cross style when jazz meets academic.

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    And some more regarding autumn :)

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