Some investment advice?

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  1. I have a relative who won a $50,000 in lottery and he asked me where to invest this money. He wants risk-free investment which definitely crosses-out trading of any kind.

    I had heard in the past that some of the Swiss Banks pay very high interest rates. Does anyone have experience with them? And if so which bank in particular?

    Any other risk-free investment advices are also welcome.

    NOTE: I do understand that no kind of investment is risk-free, so don't take my words out of proportion. When I say risk-free, I mean something that doesn't have a chance of losing money during the time of investment (like trading), and not the bankruptcy or other natural factors like flood, fire or whatever.
  2. That must be very old information. Like at least 20 yrs old.

  3. Russia pays 7% if your deposit is in dollars.
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    It may turn out to -100% if you do not pick the right bank.
  5. Are russian banks reliable though?
    What about conflicts and organized cime problems over there?
  6. That's a type of CD?
  7. You still pay state tax don't you?
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    Not on Triple Tax Free!
  9. I was looking for something like that too this week. Something that would pay more than just 1 or 2% bank interest but nothing too risky especially considering the high valuation of stocks and bonds right now.

    I believe that you're from Canada and that's where this company is based. What I found was this:
    Abria Diversified Arbitrage Trust

    You can find them at this web site:
  10. there are ways to get a nice risk free return, but you have to be creative
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