Some insight on economic news for Chile

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  1. Some info from one of my clients in Chile. I raised money for Port expansion and "Commodities" trasportation and investments for Chile. I could not show the first part as it is proprietary. However, 2, 3, are interesting.

    2) ECONOMY
    - Fruit exporters anticipated $ 650 million loss for the season; this situation would cause a sharp dollar decline in the country.
    - Foreign trade between Chile and Mercosur increased in 108% in 14 years
    - 95% of Chilean goods have been entered into China with 0% of custom duties. Four years after the signing of the first Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the Asian giant and Chile, while the respective imports and exports continue rising
    - During September Copper exports have increased 47 % compare with sep 2009.

    (3) Maritime
    - Iquique Port reaches 30% of maritime traffic, from January to August 2010 season reached 1.820.533 tons. This means a heavy recovery comparing last period, when it reached 1.398.692 tons.
    - ATI port will buy a new crane model, Gottwald GHMK 6407, last generation, specializing in vessel like Panamax Post. Whit this new buy, ATI port will increase in a total of 4 cranes Gottwald in an attempt to reduce the handling time for special containers.
    - Valparaìso Port, recently has signed a cooperation agreement with ports of Gwangyang, South Korea, and Aqaba, Jordan
    - Hyundai Merchant Marine has appointed to Agency Kenrick as an agent in Chile.
  2. ?.....Port traffic in Chile tends to correlate with trends in the S&P-500. Very startling. :eek: