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  1. some anyway,this guy vince farrel on kudlow and cramer was so wrong about the financial crisis and stocks its not even funny.he was sooo wrong!! as was kudlow of course. just proves my theory once again,you can have all the degree's in the world but that means squat when it comes to the market. this guys sound sophisticated so thats enough to deem them experts. the biggest idiot was the guy Dennis ??he was originally on Fox. what a clown and what an idiot! he should be shot and removed from this earth,he knows nothing. he was begging people to buy . he does not know ANYTHING about stocks.
    gonna go watch bloomberg, later.
  2. You watch far too much TV.
  3. Good thing you know better than all of them, Yosemite Sam...

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    The other fools on cnbc are:

    Perma bull Jack Bouroudjian:

    Takes any bit of bad news and makes it as positive as he can, also always talks about how much cash there is on the sidelines thats ready to be put to work.

    Dennis Kneale: This guy was saying to go and buy tech when tech was about 25-40% higher than it is today. Said to go out and buy, buy, buy.

    Art Laffer: This guy went one on one with Peter Schiff on cnbc in 2006 and Art Laffer spoke of how great this economy was, he was quoted as saying this,

    "The wealth of the average American household has been going UP."
    "This economy is driven by good economic policy, by good monetary policy, by good trade policy, and it's working beatifully."

    IGNORE WHAT ART LAFFER SAYS he has been wrong the entire time. His Ph.D has proved nothing in this downturn.