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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by maryp, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Why don't the charts work correctly on stocks like EEM (and sometimes IWM), etc.? The charts say they are ARCA stocks. I don't understand that because ARCA is afterhours I thought. Anyhow, shouldn't the free data for Level I properly display these charts without subscribing to extra market data?

    EEM does preview both in IB's TWS charts and in Quotetracker, but it previews by the second or minute, and won't change to 4 hours or a longer time period.

    Any suggestions?

    It would be nice if IB would totally stop working on further enhancements to TWS while they fix their charts. It appears that part of the problem may be the bandwidth to their backfill server.
  2. danoXP


    I am having the same issue.

    DIA (ARCA) and BND (ARCA) give market data, but charts will not back fill.

    I get an error:

    "No market data permissions for ARCA STK"

    ... i will have to look into my permissions when i get a chance.
  3. It must be a bug.
  4. maryp


    I tend to disagree with those who say we shouldn't expect good free charting from IB. Most brokers offer this, so why shouldn't IB. Besides that, IB advertises this feature, so it rightfully should work.

    As for market data.... Is the market data really free? No. You pay for it one way or another as evidenced in the months where I don't make enough trades and pay $30 a month.

    Additionally, why should I have to use another application for charts that would further take down my system resources?

    Many of us came to IB because we like the all-in-one thing, such as 1 platform for stocks, futures, etc. Having to use another application for charts in addition to TWS defeats this purpose somewhat.
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    I have found no broker that comes close to IB's TWS.

    I have accounts with:
    Optionsxpress (also had Xpresstrade)

    After reading your post. I assume you can suggest a better offering than IB?
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    Here's an example:
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    another example...
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    Now that I've posted my proof, is it going to be fixed or not?
  9. Have you tried using Quotetracker charts?

    Just wondering b/c I'm contemplating opening an IB acct. How has their order entry/data feed been last few months? Would you recommend IB for intraday traders?
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    You need to subscribe to the data to get the chart. On your image it states you do not have market data permission for the product.
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