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    Hi to everyone

    I am looking for somewhere to start in order to solve my problem.
    I have been trading for the last 5 years intensively and during that time I have constructed a good model -in my opinion- based on technical indicators, volatility adjusted sizing etc. I have been trading my model the last 3 months and I have backtested over a long enough period. But I know sometime in the future my model will show a large drawdown on my account and I would like to avoid such an event by lowering my volatility of returns and therefore would like to add more instruments in my trading basket. I currently I only trade the Dax future. The point is I trade with very little technology involved in terms of automation which means I only have time to trade 1 instrument. I use excel sheets to calc everything and get my signals which I then enter in the tradestation. How can I automate orders, link excels etc?? I am looking for a starting point where I can educate myself. I have no idea of programming C++ etc. In the internet there are many many actually that somebody likes me gets lost.
    Thank you for your help

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    You list Excel as one of your tools. You might learn to record and edit macros as an introduction to programming in VBA, which is included in your Excel software. You can buy software that interfaces your chart program to Interactive Brokers, they list third party tools on their site. Some of the chart packages are relatively easy to program, maybe somebody can steer you in the direction of the best one for beginners.
  3. You've come a fairly long way considering you are not a "professional programmer".

    That said...
    Keep in mind that it takes several years ** full-time ** to become a pro programmer (which I am)...
    Yes, kids, at least 5,000 hours of coding.

    The fact that you are using Excel as a front end is very good (so am I)...
    Because it is very stable, doesn't hang, can do a lot of the number crunching, etc

    If you are already proficient in VBA go sideways to VB...
    And build background systems that use you existing Excel apps as a front end.
    That's what I am doing... and it's working very well...
    Though elitists computer geeks might view this platform combo as dated... works great and limited learning curve.
    All the code you will ever need is out there on the Web.

    If you are not using the VBA that is built into Excel...
    Then become very proficient at VBA before you decide what your next step will be.

    C++ is strictly for professionals...
    That need to write highly optimized code... not for you.


    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Lots of ways you can do it, but i can't imagine an easier way (if you are homebrewing it up) than IB and their open API.

    They already have code samples of java, C++, VB, Excel DDE, etc code and a demo system to try it on. Lots of documentation and help from IB Forums and Yahoo Groups, and ET too.

    Not to mention IB is a superior broker for the small/intermediate retail trader.

    You have some work to do, but that's always the case for anything worthwhile.

    Good luck.
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    It looks like i have a lot of studying ahead learning to use VBA.

    Thanks to all of u
  6. Agreed. VBA in excel or VB6 is a great place for you to start. Although the elitist computer geek in me says that VBA or VB6 are very dated and antiquated :D

    Cheers and goodluck with your project.
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    Thank u squeeze. It seems a very good site. When i said i m using tradestation didnt mean the actual broker but any tradestation. Currently experimenting with IB and using a system provided by a German bank
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    I have to agree with the others. Stay away from C++ if your a beginner. You don't need what it has to offer so there's no reason to subject yourself to the added difficulties. I was a professional C++ programmer for many years and I don't even use C++ for trading systems development.

    Your easiest path to automation would be with something like TradeStation or Fidelity's WealthLab I'd imagine, although I've used neither. Next easiest is what people are saying: go with the automating the IB API with Excel and VB. After that probebly the next easiest would be the IB API and Java. Personaly I like the IB API and C#, but if you are starting out from scratch, Java would probably be more trouble-free and easier to find general information.
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    Check out the AmiBroker-at group at YAHOO Groups. I'm working on Automated Trading using AmiBroker, so far so good.
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