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  1. Hi guys,

    Can you throw in some hedge fund (preferrably small time funds) websites you keep track of etc etc.. Just to get mine professionally done. I need to have some ideas about the design, ideas etc before I consult with a Web Design professional.
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    You should get in contact with the owners of this site and see if you can use their name. Fits your "fund" perfectly.

    .... and the operator is on ET.

    I suppose you know you have to be mindful of what you put on the website to avoid improper solicitation.
  4. Thanks for a great suggestion EPrado... My returns and the consistency which which it is achieved would be very hard to believe for most everyone.
  5. You're at it again huh?

    Jesus H Christ, give it a rest.

    Your "fund". LOL

    Did you ever figure out what AUM meant?

    Generally when one runs a fund I imagine that would be the first thing they think of.

    P.S. No, the "special children fund" you used to receive benefits from doesn't count as you "running a fund". Even if you participate in their car washes every weekend. Still doesn't count.
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    Obviously english isn't a strongpoint for you. "Make believe" and "hard to believe " are very different.

    You figure out what AUM stands for yet ?

  7. I sure did.. thanks to you.. & my friends here at ET.. :D

    I have an AUM of ~$3 Million
  8. A web site doesn't have to fit a hedge fund profile, find a web site that is easy on your eyes, you'll be the one filling in the info.

    I like sykes wb design, regardless of the author. His design lends itself to reading across the page, as opposed to only reading the upper left quadrant. There are eye appeal formats, scrolling issues, etc, your web designer should be aware of them, they actually forecast design.
  9. CPO != hedge fund
  10. Hello,

    I have a Hedge Fund overview on the HingeFire site that has links to many of the HedgeFund database sites. Most of these sites (some require registration) have lists of Hedge Funds with their associated websites (when applicable).

    - Greg

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