Some have challenged me about libertarianism.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RCG Trader, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. This is my response.
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  3. First, Ron Paul is not libertarianism.

    Second, Ron Paul did not write the newsletters. If you can prove he did you'll have made your point. Absent that proof, you need to tell your lizard brain to calm down and have a seat.
  4. Dude, are you actually reading???

    Did you watch the videos? Do you understand the difference between perception and reality???

    Geesh, no wonder so many people cannot trade:confused:
  5. Dude, I saw the video during the last presidential campaign, when the establishment media tried to put the grand wizard hat on Dr Paul. I get it, you don't necessarily think he is a racist but you are convinced the media has enough ammo to effectively label him as such.

    I do understand the difference between perception and reality. Reality shows me that Ron Paul is a champion for everyone's civil rights. Your perception, based on your illogical and primitive lizard brain that he is (or can be labeled) a racist, is flawed at best. If the establishment could have, they would have.

    Finally, the reason so many people cannot trade effectively, is because they lack the discipline to do so.
  6. Maverick74


    I'm going to have to agree with DAS Trader here. I've heard these accusations for years against Paul. The fact of the matter is, he clearly states his belief in that video that he supports individual rights, not collective rights. Racism is about putting people in groups. Libertarians don't think that way. Ron Paul has done more for blacks then any politician in Washington. Not because he "loves" blacks, but because his policies give them the most amount of liberty and freedom.
  7. Maverick74


    And let me further add here, let's say for arguments sake Ron Paul was a racist. A member of the klan if you will. That would not negate libertarianism no more then Sara Palin saying something stupid should negate conservatism or Obama saying something stupid should negate liberalism. Everyone one of us has to take ownership of who "we" are. I don't let anyone else speak for me, Ron Paul included. So pointing out what other people say as a way to deride an entire way of thinking is rather silly.
  8. Lucrum


    Ditto and BINGO!

    "Some have challenged me about libertarianism."
    And for damn good reason.
  9. Individuals have to be regulated, because they can be rather silly. Like openly selling Heroin to children or putting up whites only signs. Unfettered individualism is Somalia, not the USA, and you are actually not thinking this thru. But that is okay, most talented people have some rather large blind spots:)
  10. Let me cut to the political reality here, because I am all about what actually is rather than what should be. Ron Paul will never be President, he will never win the nomination. The reasons for this are too many to count, but they have all been addressed at some point.

    Ron Paul is a good and principled man, but raw individualism will not work in any society.
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