Some Great Truisims I found

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  1. "How you trade is more important than what you trade."

    "If it's not in the chart, its only in your mind."

    "Price doesn't know or care what you think about it."

    "It's better to prepare than predict."

    "Stop your mind and mind your stop."

    "Lightning reflexes are necessary in trading; they're necessary to get you out of bad trades, not into good trades."

    "Poor discipline is knowing what to do, and not doing it; knowing what not to do, and doing it; or "not" knowing what to do, and doing anything."

    "You can't predict when it will happen, and you can't trade it after it has happened; so you must recognize when it happens."

    "Trading is basically simple; but getting to simple is complicated."

    "You can lead a trader to knowledge, but you can't make them think."

    "Price is what happens while you're watching your indicators."

    "Put the trade on right; then you relax, and let the trade work."

    "Some people just trade to manage their money; some people just manage to trade their money."
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    there is only ONE Truism you need -- THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND
  3. "The truly realised profit is not the figure displayed on your trading screen; unless you move it to your bank account." :D
  4. "Trading is basically simple; but getting to simple is complicated."

    Sooo true, love that one.
  5. "Don't pee into the wind" :D