Some good real estate deals in Detroit!

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  1. 6 bedroom 3.5 bath, 4000 sq ft for only 32k

    Or if you want something smaller and 32k is out of your budget, try this 5 bed, 3.5 bath, 3500 sq ft for under 12k!!

    Or if you are REALLY rich, you can buy this 8 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home for a whooping 85k!!! Be careful though...with 0 down and 5.5% interest rate you will pay a massive 482 dollars per month for that baby!!!

    Really puts things into perspective doesnt it? That you could be on Social security and be able to buy an 8 bedroom mansion on that income?
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    To look into these properties, would we have to go with the bullet proof vests on along with a private swot team ....if one can afford? :D :D :D :D :D :D

    No offence, but Detorit is 70% Black population and that means the city has C grade future at best. That is the hard truth of life folks, economic progress does not take place in the Black areas...........blame it on several factors, including Chinese exports.
  3. These are not good deals, everyone hates Detroit, especially the people living there.
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    Good deals if you want to be like m&m and live in an old detroit mansion. Otherwise no, you would have to pay me to live in detroit.
  5. Ah...that explains why there is never any progress in Washington D.C. that has something like 83% black population. No wonder america is not progressing. Lets move the US captial to beverly hills and see how fast we get our economy going again! :D
  6. So correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt detriot have a back property tax provision that led to one of the major problems of the city? So that 6 bedroom for 32k actually will turn out to be 400k because of back property tax?


    Obviously you've never been to Detroit, or at least not to the Indian Village area. I lived in the metro Detroit area from 1979-1999. Indian Village is a stones throw from Grosse Pointe. Grosse Pointe is where the "old money" lives, from Henry Ford to all the other well to do people. That 4500+ sq. ft. house is a steal at that price of $84K. And oh yeah, why did you assume that Indian Village is black? Sorry to burst your bubble ....
  8. And stay out!
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