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    I have an account with IB ...

    I have a few questions

    1. I was reading on their forums that SSF now are under the pattern day trade rule (meaning you need 25k+ in account if you want to day trade them).

    Is this the case now? and any reason why it was changed?

    2. When bringing up the TSW and looking at your account and trades screens is there a way to have it show the commissions also? Meaning the trades screen shows the amount/time/type/and a few other things but I would like to start tracking commissions also. Where in the TWS can I see commissions for trades I do?

    3. When will you get a cancelation fee (trying to understand what is listed at the IB site).

    So are there only cancelation orders for stock option and eurex options and futures?

    I dont understand the figures exactly but if you cancel a order once but then later you place another order and it gets executed you will be refinded some of the money? Cant quite figure out how much that equates too.

    If I canceled a order for 10 option contracts; but then bought them later what will my fee be?

    So there are no cancelation fees for forex or US futures?

    4. a question on orders ... Let's say I am long something ... can I put 2 orders on this
    a. Have a sell stop if it drops to a certain point and
    b. Have a sell limit if it advances to a certain point

    and once one of these objectives are hit will it cancel the other one? meaning say it advances to where I want it to go (so the sell limit will hit); and then cancel the stop order that I have? (I wouldnt want to then short it if it retreated).

    also would I be charged for a cancelation fee if one of the orders is then canceled?

    5. Does IB let you trade the NZD? I'm not sure if its me or what but I wasnt able to bring up a AUD/NZD forex listing.

    also is there a trick to get IB to show you forex charts?


    thanks for your help
  2. if u need to know how much you pay for commish check trade confirmations under statements [acct management].

    only option trades [stocks, futs] have a cancellation fee and it is not reimbursed if u re-eneter the trade.

    i think the fee for cancel on options is $.5 per 1 lot. not zure tho.

    the order u are talkin' about can be done and is called an oca order. a position with a stop as protection and a limit to bank gains. once one of the two is triggered the other is automatically cancelled. explanation can be found on the orders faq.

    i think i read an Email from ib that says ssf are now under pdt reg. not sure tho.
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