Some Fun With Forex Crossword While you Trade :o)

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by danielfp, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. danielfp


    Hello Fellow Traders,

    I have just joined this forum today :wtf:) I know that if many of you are day-traders you probably spend several hours a day "waiting" for trade setups or doing strategy development/analysis. To help fellow traders have a little bit of fun and learn a little bit about forex trivia I built some weekly crosswords on my blog which should be of good entertainment value for when you have that little "extra-time". (I also added a 20 USD prize for each week's "top score" as encouragement :))

    I just consider this to be some good hearted sharing and I have no means to spam this forum so feel free to remove the link and/or post if I crossed a line I am not aware of by sharing my blog with fellow traders.

    Any opinions on the crossword's difficulty/contents, etc are absolutely welcome ! Thank you very much for all your interest :)

    Best Regards,