Some French judges are wankers!

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  1. (Didn't see that bit on any English newssites, so I translated it)

    "Masturbation in the courtroom

    Justice is a horny thing

    There are news one simply cannot believe. The following one belongs to them, without a doubt: a French judge ist told to have masturbated in the courtroom - during a trial.

    Paris - According to several eys witnesses, the judge from the court of Angoulême raised his robe during the pleas, unbuttoned his trousers and masturbated, as the western french newspaper "La Charente libre" reports.

    Minister of Justice Dominique Perben is having the event investigated and is backing a penalisation of the judge, as was reported from his ministry in Paris. The judiciary council assigned by Perben with the investigation is allowed to dispense the judge from his duty."

    (Source:,1518,270083,00.html )
  2. So they've got a PENILE System in France instead of a penal system.
  3. Don't think so.

    I think it's more oriented towards happenis.
  4. it just goes to show you that the french are a bunch of jerkoffs :D :D :D
  5. ...meaning "I don't give a shit" is "Je m'en branle", "I jerk off over it." Le juge was simply expressing his professional opinion of the trial in most graphic terms. HarryTrader will correct me if my interpretation is incorrect.

    I personally would give him the benefit of the doubt. Given the busy schedule of a judge, he may not have much time to practice personal hygeine, and may simply have taken advantage of a lull in the proceedings to clean it.
  6. I guess he just sticked to the issue at hand :D