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    DOW IS UP 17 of the past 19 days.

    9 of the last 10

    This is the DOWS 35th RECORD HIGH SINCE OCTOBER 2006.

    IT TOOK THE DOW 127 trading days to go from 12,000 to 13,000

    S&P 500 is only 2% from historical highs.
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    Yeh well, hear's a few more facts

    Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates

    1mo 3mo. 6mo. 1yr. 2 yr. 3yr. 5yr. 7yr. 10yr. 20yr. 30 yr.
    4.94 4.97 5.03 4.90 4.63 4.55 4.55 4.57 4.66 4.91 4.83
  3. Yup, for the idiots spewing all this bs about all time highs and record this and record that, had you put you money in treasuries 7 years ago, you'd *still* be ahead and with no worries to boot!

    What does that say about this bs market? It's been a grind up and the future doesn't look so rosy either.

  4. Very bullish IMO. Everything under the magical 5%, cheap money to chase index futures.
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    an inverted curve is very bullish?

    monetary poilicy has been unable to corrct this invertion over the past year
  6. Short term bonds have more demand now, therefore prices rise.

    All foreign banks are now buying very short term bonds, so they may have cash quickly available; without risking buying a long term bond, and get less than they paid for; when they sell it before matrurity.
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    Thanks for the amazing insight

    So, let me see if I understand this correctly...

    If demand rises then price rises too?

    Wow! I never would have figured that one out

    Although, I do seem to remember something about an inverse price/yield relationship