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    The Cost of Distraction. I had a great opportunity to talk with investors today in Atlanta where I spoke to several hundred financial advisors. They told me one of the big problems they face is clients that are still scared to invest in the equity markets. Who can blame them. For weeks now, all we hear on the television is about death and destruction. It's like having the four horsemen of the apocalypse for roommates. The hurricanes were a big human story. A lot of people were hurt. But they are not a big economic story. Our economy in the US produces about $13 trillion worth of goods and services this year. Private citizens in America own more than $105 trillion dollars of assets and have a net worth of over $50 trillion. It would take more than a hurricane to knock it over.

    Plenty of CASH to fuel the BULL

    I started reading John some time ago. He's on top of the game, and tells it like it is without the need to prove something.