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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Kastro_316, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Does anyone else just have those days, even weeks, where nothing goes right...You have a good system, but nothing goes as planned. This week i have been just swomped with everything, i even started thinking "Am i cutt out for this"

    This is a crazy business, some days you feel like you are ontop of the world, and some day's you feel like you hit rock bottom (well not rock bottom but you know what i mean)...

    But i started thinking, this month i have more stress than i normally do, so maybe that played a factor?

    Quick question guy's: If you are stressed out about something not related to trading, does it have an effect on your trading, or do you just tune it out when you trade?

    Not really sure why i made this post, just felt like venting a little :)

  2. H2O


    Psychology is one of (if not THE most) important factors in trading.

    If you have something else on your mind, stop trading. Your focus on the market is not what it should be or else you wouldn't be thinking of something else...
  3. heres an idea...take a few grand out of your trading account and go on a vacation to relieve that stress...better to spend it on a vacation than to give it back to the market. When you get back you'll be back to your old self. :)
  4. Good idea! Maybe i should take a vacation some place VERY QUITE lol
  5. I recommend Amsterdam....nothing relieves stress more than pot and hookers. hehe
  6. if you learn from it, and make corrections, bad days/trades/trading/systems can prompt you to progress and advance.

    no one has had more trainwrecks than me yet I used these to better myself as a trader little by little.

    keep goiing! and strive, not to be the best trader in the world in one day, but to become just a better trader.

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    mmmm reefer, relieves stress like nothing else, don't smoke cigs though I hear they are bad for you