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  1. I've been using esignal for a few months now and like all the rest it has its good points and bad points. I got mad at them a few days ago because I was reading an article and I wanted to look at some charts using some stochastics that the author was mentioning. I could not believe that the perameters were not ajustable. I called them and was told that the new version coming out would have this feature. Since Qcharts is mentioned so ofter here I decided to try them for awhile and I must say I'm pretty pleased so far and it cost less. Go figure. Just thought I'd mention this for some of you trying to decide which way to go. Also I started using Quicken as a back up because of comments here and for the price you cant beat it. I love a couple of their features. If they add futures in the future they are going to give the rest some competition.
  2. You mean you can't adjust any of the parameters with eSignal? I can't believe this. You basically need something like Ensign with eSignal data feed to get your own settings am I right?
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    Hah, I remember a while back when I was looking at eSignal, knew of the weakness in their charting, and was promised next version. Everyone I know who uses eSignal also uses Ensign on top of it for far superior charting and flexibility across the board (alerts, etc).
  4. I thought eSignal is more a data vendor than software vendor.

    If they can keep the data clean and connectivity great,
    we can always hook it up with 3rd party tools.

    I do like eSignal's data a lot comparing to :cool: