Some cicadas live underground for 17 years.

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  1. Stand up and salute.
    Their hands move through the air, and their faces are solemn.
    Sunshine on your brow the honor of the country.
    Their shoe laces are tied and their bodies are still.
    Turvok-corked dork-horse is the hundred-gun salute!

    The onlookers can hardly see, and they move about twitching in the sea.
    Green and grey clothing express the solemnity.
    Green and grey clothing is in line with the belief system.

    Looking because they want to because they're supposed to because it's respectful.
    Those in the front are captured on TV to help express the poetry, emotion, and dearness of the situation.
    Turvok-corked- dorkhorse is the hundred-gun salute!
    The sea twitches and solemnly watches.
  2. rowenwood,

    Though I disagree with the sentiment behind it, I admire the form.
  3. Have you ever heard about form in poetry? If so, what do you admire in this example?
  4. take your effiminate, artsy-fartsy, beret' wearing, gay-assed crap "poetry" spewing, loozer self over to yahoo! :-/

  5. Thanks buddy. How are you?
  6. Fine, except for the Lakers just winning Game 2! :(

    All the best,
  7. I enjoy the way you spell loser; hapaboy should teach you about the importance of correct spelling. And do you actually believe this shit you wrote? I don't care about Reagan. I hate the fact that idiots like you
    revere his life, yet this nation is still yet to pay respect, and right the wrongs we've done, to the native peoples of this great land we selfishly call America. You short-sighted piece of shit. This country is a travesty. Capitalism is at the expense of others. If you're going to be a hypocrite, at least have the self- respect to admit it. At least be intelligent enough to ackowledge the people we've murdered in order to prattle our weak superficial cliches such as " one for the gipper."

    I imagine hundereds of dead indians; dead from the diseases and guns Europeans brought to America. I imagine that ugly Gipper line floating above their devastated lands and cultures whilst enjoying a martini and looking down and laughing at how easily we slaughtered and robbed them.

    Fuck you you ignorant, hopeless, right wing piece of shit. Yes you represent the ignorance that I loathe. And no I'm not a democrat, they're scum too.

  8. Koby.