Some chick on MSNBC just said

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. rick santorum wanting to ban porn is a war on women. :confused:

    ummm, i give up...
  2. pspr


    She is trying to say that the only thing women are good for is sex.
  3. good point, did not look at it that way. :cool:
  4. Someone watches MSNBC?
  5. JamesL


    I hear they filed the paperwork to change their call letters - starting this week they are known as MSDNC.
  6. Lucrum


    The alternative is BSDNC.
  7. I would say that's fairly accurate
  8. Lornz


    Just like your mother? :D
  9. pspr


    What kind of response is that? Did I attack you or something about your lack of intelligence?

    Regardless, why don't you go fuck yourself asshole.
  10. Lornz


    It was not meant as a personal insult at all. It was simply a way of stating an argument, and, in fact, a defense of everybody's mothers.

    My point was merely that every woman is someone's mother, sister or daughter. Maybe they are good for other things than sex also?

    By the way, it is impossible to attack my lack of intelligence... :D
    #10     Apr 1, 2012